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the whole city to meld. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> more fans showed up and send the sidewalks were packed. >> we just won the super bowl, baby. the super bowl. best team in the country, world, that's it. >> the best super bowl parade ever. >> i'm so excited that all their dreams have come true. really happy this year. >> it was almost an hour late, but finally, fans got to see what they came for, their world champion baltimore ravens. [cheery] -- [cheering the] >> there is mr. ray lewis right there. >> there is, the lombardi trophy. you can see it. there it is. >> this is a day no one will ever forget. >> at the end of the parade, people spilled out onto the street, following the players to m&t bank stadium. >> from the parade it inside -- from the parade to inside the stadium, raven's got a welcome to their city of origin. >> they were told to expect about 30,000 people inside the stadium. 90,000 people filled the stadium and stood on the field. >> i don't think fans realized how many of their brethren would come to the stadium today. there was so much traffic c
for you two, two can shot the whole city day for you. it only takes a minute city to fall in city love. to fall in love. to fall in love. to fall in city love >> thanks. next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors. members of the public. another beautiful day in san francisco and it's a different arrangement of supervisors welcome to the imply supervisors. it's not quite the same without the previous gentleman up front with his antics and lively character. but on a more serious note definitely still looking for the custodial permits responsible for the definite station to the western culture in san francisco. a very efficient man to western in san francisco. i wonder in there was a - when you come to san francisco did i recognize san francisco or is it just layers and layers of consumerism and complexity of what we need in life. so much complexity that if - you can't identify with it, it's unidentifiable >> when you have an unidentifiable society how do you identify with people who run that unidentifiable society. and thanks next speaker >> good afternoon, board of supervisors ame
of amsterda. this is the inner city of amsterdam, and the rest of the city are the suburbs. the whole city, there are 2.2 million people, but the real city of amsterdam, there are less than 800,000, which i think is about the same as san francisco. i will also pass around a few sheets. the important thing is that amsterdam is one of the five major economic central's -- economic centers in europe, and we want to stay that way, and we are an attractive city for international business, like the american and asian companies that like to have business in amsterdam. it is a real nice place to stay. experts like to live in amsterdam, and is accessible from all parts of the world. it is also very important case of cycling. what irony said, 2.2 million and happens, but the last line may be the most important, about 120 kilometers per day traffic jams. that is qu7?) a lot. this distance is not more than 25k. we have a real problem. that is not good for business. for us, it is active transport, really important as a solution for being accessible. ok, does it work? yes. this is the city. at the red li
of createive talent, the whole city could be a revolving work of art. that would be wonderful. that is what black rock city is. why not transpose that to san francisco? i think the city is now looking at doing art paths for that purpose. it would not be hard, given the abundance of -- after so many years in the desert, there is a huge backlog of brilliant art. magnificent piece is done by armies of artists working together. so that is an obvious things that could be instituted. i also pulled him that we did not have any trash cans in our city. we did not really continue that dialogue. [laughter] >> the question that everyone in san francisco is asking now, i'm going to ask you as a formality. are you going this year? have you ever missed one? have you ever wanted to? >> no. [laughter] at one time, i was very much needed -- i am still needed, from time to time. although, if i and my partners have done our job, we should not be needed that much. i am like anyone else out there. it is a big place. it is hyperactive. not only are there 100 things, but they are all happening at one time. thousan
the world who it means to play for each other. come on up larry for a key to the city to the whole team. [cheers and applause] and larry on behalf of a grateful city to the whole team we present you the city to the city for the whole organization involved. congratulations on a wonderful, wch championship for all of san francisco, the best fans in the world. [cheers and applause] now larry there's something else that you got to know. i'm going to clean up. when a world series champion sweeps the opponents they deserve something special, so as the former public works director i know a little bit about sweeping and we have a little love for the whole team. the first of many i hope, and this is the broom to the city for the giants, the first ever. yes! congratulations on sweeping the world series championship. >> thank you mr. mayor. both the broom and the key will find a sacred place at at&t park because it belongs to the wonderful fans of the san francisco giants, the best fans in the world. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> well, we just saw him but i wanted to give a formal int
. and that is what's important, is that that neighborhood remains whole so that our city will be whole. you agree? [cheering and applauding] cheers >> so, a few years back there was this little idea to take back the bayview and really began to rewrite the history and the narrative that we often hear about in bayview. and it actually started, ironically, with a small little abandoned swath of land that has grown up to become the cuseda garden. and it's the thought child and the physical manifestation of hard work, of a few community leaders that got together and rolled up their sleeves and got to work. and tonight i have the honor to introduce one of the co-founders, his name is jeffery betcher. where are you? get up here. and jeff is going to introduce to you as he escorts ms. annette young smith to the stage. this lady, ladies and gentlemen, is a lifetime achievement award winner. please, please welcome her to the stage. (applause) >> i can't think of a more deserving woman. thank you. come on in. jeffery, i love you. >> i love you, too. >> hello, neighbors. good evening. you know, first i have
will be selecting the winner and the mayor will select the winner from the whole city. and then we're going to be offering 50 workshops and the topics is doing business with the government to how to toward a mobile truck business. we'll have other activities from 530 to 9:00 p.m. and small business commissioners we'll all be in attendance. then on friday may 17th small things will be taking place around the city we'll have more information later. on saturday may 18 there will be sidewalk sales. and we once again will wave the sidewalk fees. and thalz i have at the moment >> what date again is the deal at the met iron. >> may 13 that can and we're trying, you know, if we get our funding we'd like to tint the outside because we'd like to have leave people come and so there's two key opportunities for the commission may fourteen the there no awards of sermons and then thursday evening for the awards. those are the two key things for the commissions to be attending >> and may 13 to may 18th is what. commissioners i'll follow-up >> are we going to have a reception again. >> excuse me. and
we're the champions. and in 6 days our incredible 49ers will take the field with the whole city behind them. my fellow san franciscans i would smut to you our city a vital and strong. this renewed strength of our city and the renewed confidence we're the best city in 2012. the newspapers called us the best place for parks urban parks in the united states and we're among - yeah. go for our parks >> and we're among the smartest cities and the most walkable cities. yes. and continuing the environmental marketplace under our prior mayor we're the green tech capital of north america and the number one for green jobs according to the best magazines and we're also rated highly for losing weight. in the case of san francisco i believe we're so burglarized. the progress of our city is no accident. indeed we're vital, we're strong city because of the fiscally responsible direction we've teen, deliberate choice we've made to attract people into our city. whether it's a reform of our housing or infrastructure on the significant challenges we've faced we put the people's priorities head of
in the district. we also represent the whole city. any district supervisor that focuses on the district without addressing the citywide issues is not doing his or her job. every day, i make sure i am working on the major citywide issues and the district issues. i try to be disciplined about that. >> how will you approach the tough choices? >> i think we have to start by looking at the most critical city services that we cannot do without. what are the ones that if they deteriorated, we will pay the price on? public safety falls into that category as a basic critical service. transportation, making sure we have the functional muni is critical. core public health services like dealing with mental on this on our streets -- with mental illness on our streets. if we do not provide services, we will pay the price. it works out from there in terms of budget priorities. >> with your plans on dealing with homelessness? >> it is homelessness in general and behavior on the streets. we need to make sure people have access to services. i was a supporter of putting the money we taking the money we're putting
in an air raid. new york was in a state of despair and dk. for the first time in our long history, the whole city seemed to be in terminal decline. new york has always been a for growthpeople, a growt and progress. in the 1970s, that had ceased to be true. then came koch. he held up his hands as that, enough. we will not accept this. our best days are still ahead. he convinced us we could still be great again erie . he understood how tough our problems were. he had the confidence to believe that our problems could be cured. he not only arrested the decline and showed that the unruly city was governable, he not only restore the fiscal health and made us that nation's economic engine, not only building affordable housing, not only made new york city once again a national leader in equal rights, arts, and culture, but he did something even more important. he restored the ark of our nation's city. before, we had lost our way. thanks to him, we became great again. that was not inevitable. ed made it so. the city we know today would not exist without him. everything that rudy giuliani and i have a
tone. this is so important these days to register a whole city family of professionals to talk with, not only rating agencies, but with our counterparts in the federal government and the state government who sometimes are challenged themselves about what they should be doing so that we don't get hurt by them. and i know carmen is going to be a great leader and a great partner. she's demonstrated that for quite sometime as being a very effective supervisor over district 4 as well as heading up the budget committee. so, with that i know she's going to get it all done and let me just take this opportunity right now to introduce carmen chiu, our new assessor, and then we'll talk about the process. (applause) >> first off, i want to thank you all here for being here. for me, i've been an elected official for a little bit of time, but it never ceases to amaze me how nervous you get when you have all these cameras and people watching you. but i do want to thank you all for being here. i want it really thank all of my colleagues on the board who have taken the time under such short notice t
more jobs than ever before. the rich are taking over whole districts in the city and pushing out the poor, but for my busine, that is good. >> his workplace, istanbul, covers 2392 square kilometers. its symbol is in a building boom. for the last 10 years, it has been europe's fastest-growing region. everything is going higher, faster, and further. and the race to set records in concrete and glass seems to have no limits. istanbul's third airport is scheduled to open in 2013 as the world's biggest air traffic hub. but this booming city is built on unstable ground. istanbul is in an earthquake zone. so the state is calling for better building standards, but that costs lots of money. and 80% to 90% of rkey' onom depends on the construction industry, so, of course, there is pressure. international finance capital has its eye on istanbul. the city is considered a top investment site. >> this was istanbul before the boom. it was the world's best known roman district, it must see for every istanbul tourists. roma have lived here since byzantine times, but the stri is in the middle the
and ends up at m & t bank. it should be a great victory celebration. the whole city still in purple. the city of baltimore and the state of maryland very proud of the ravens second super bowl victory this time around. we'll be here all morning. please come down and join us. all the events are free. we're looking forward to seeing joe flacco. let's do some weather. let me mention, it is cold. if you are headed down here or if you are going to be out identify run, dog walk, kids going to school, be ready for a cold morning. temperatures in the mid-30s. we are 35 at reagan national and low 30s at both dulles and bwi marshall. dulles reporting a temperature of 32. very chilly temperatures. didn't see a whole lot in the way of snow during the overnight hours. might see a little more off to the north and west. of a been hearing you guys say there are a few school delays. that was really the worst of t locally, just a couple of flurries. still got a lot of clouds out here. -- that was really the worst of it. once we get the sunshine in here, we should warm temperatures up into the middle 4
city, world champions baby. >> that's -- this is for the whole city of baltimore for everybody who believed in us. >> so many of the ravens players talking about what it means to the city of baltimore to be superbowl champs once again. ray lewis said it when he was up on podium john harbaugh and smith and t-sizzle. >> congratulations to them and happy monday morning to all you ravens fan. >> so besides the big win many of you took time between the game not between when we were watching the game paying attention to the ads. >> so this year 30 seconds of air time cost upward of 4 million bucks. budweiser introduced a new beer and clydesdale called brotherhood shows a new horse raised by a farmer and reuniting with him at the end. >> who can forget the kiss from go dad yea super modeel getting cozy with a nerd. the model is leonardo dicaprio's ex-girlfriend but the nerd, does it matter? >> those are some of the ads and we want to know which was your favorite and which did you hate? head to facebook on abc2. we want to hear your thoughts. >> i like the tide commercial. it's time for ca
of resistance. >> the emergency law puts the whole city in prison. even the british occupation did not impose a curfew on us. no one knows how things will go. you cannot impose a mass punishment on an entire city. >> the curfew was all but ignored. thousands of people went down to the streets calling on the president to resign while the army stood by. since the violence, the police seem to have evaporated from the streets. the presence of the army has broadcom, but the road -- the mood remains the same. wherever you go, people say in memory of those who died and in solidarity of the 21 who were beaten to death. is this the sparked the violence. they were found guilty of involvement in the riots that killed 74 people last year. port sayed has come to a standstill. >> it is gone. it has lost its soul. it's dying. the only people driving or the grave diggers. every day, we bury someone. >> president morsi is trying to impose his authority. war violence and killings. with each death, opposition to grow stronger. >> at least 19 people killed by a bomb blast in northwest pakistan near the border wi
the whole city and its people. around a million died. many through fighting. others through hunger, cold and disease. in the end, russia's red army pushed back the nazi offensive and would prove to be a turning point in the second world war. 70 years may have passed but the memories of those months have barely faded for the men who were on the front line. >> everyone thought until the ultimate victory. the people of stallip -- stalingrad were great. they've done a lot. it was difficult, winter in the tank. in the tank we left city and headed all the way to the west. stalingrad had to be almost completely rebuilt after the war in 1961, its name was changed to volgagrad. the leader who sent the troops into battle divides opinion. for some, josef stalin is a hero who transformed russia into a super power. for others, he is a tyrant and monster who persecuted millions of his own people. in recent times, there have been efforts to rehabilitate stalin's memory. some see this as an effort to boost patriotism. several buses bearing his image are running in the city and last week the council agre
in the whole city they don't work they breakdown and it's not a viable option at this point and gone remanufacture the process for the new community garden who's in charge of that, who gets to say who's going to have a plot or not none of this information is coming out of park and reek and we want know what is going on as a community and if you go to the park and reek commission meetings sometimes they are cancel would move around and so beyond that getet willing the community know some outreach would be go. and i believe that that was my time so thank you for your time, appreciate it. >>> thank next speaker. >> thank you supervisor i notice that you guys are listening to what we say here and first of all, i would like to say that my name is washington and i'm here to at another time my horn and say without a doubt that we african americaings and negroes black are in a state of mainly you don't hear my leaders or preachers come up here and saying that and that is a question that puds as wells me too and i suggest that supervisor to encourage your colleagues to have ecome and h
's not just your department. this whole city is out of control but i am here to put you on notice as far as the african-american migration and how this department affects the african-american community and hell to the no we don't support that laser stuff. i wish you're dealing with the hundred people training. i wish you would have train them here with community policing. let me say as african-americans here in san francisco are in a state of emergency and anybody that say we're not you're under minding the african-american community as a whole. now, it's not your responsibility while -- this has been going back decades. from my understanding the first governor of california didn't want blacks here in california so it goes way back before your ancestors but it's taking effect right now. if you ask right now what is going down? the black population is going down. now i'm here to protect my three c's. my childrens' childrens' children. one thing for sure studying us and telling us you're story you did that we want projection ree of the next 10 years from 2013 to 2033 and you will
at it from the whole city's perspective and you maybe seeing things, whether there are trends that go beyond one individual department. one of the things that i really appreciated was your response to the civil grand jury report on the whistle blower program and i am wondering if you could say a little more about sort of how that response came about, and i know there is a member of the civil grand jury on the committee as well, and i think the whistle blower program is a very important program of course, and they had a number of recommendations and i was very pleased to see this. >> yeah. so these -- the process for this of course i think is determined by the civil grand jury that you have to respond by a certain amount of time, and actually another one of the recommendations is we get in front of the board of supervisors on a timely basis which is something and i really appreciate i know this is one of the first meetings you having and i appreciate you fitting us in here, so they have a point by point analysis of what they found to be troubling, and in most case its wasn't the citizen's g
say and people often say this city raised you. >> i had a lot of people in the whole city to watch out for me. even today people are looking out for me. it is just a blessing people cared that much and made sure i stayed on the right path. >> now 27 andrew has performed 200 night as year has a grammy nomination. >> trombone shorty. >> an acting gig on hbo's show and a white house performance that had everyone getting into the act. >> now andrews is playing -- paying it forward, the ten of these anxious young new situations will be elected for the trombone shorty music academy. >> just give me a baaa. >> funded by donations and a partnership with tulane university, it will give kids intensive training, business skills and career guidance. >> what would you think all of your mentors would say to you as they see you launch your foundation? >> i think they would tell me you are supposed to be doing this. this is what we have done for years, and that's the way new orleans and the musicians and people pass things down, and hopefully we can change someone's life or save a life. >> a kid named
. the whole city is settling down a little bit. a mixture of sun and clouds. 43 this afternoon. dry tomorrow. we will see all kinds of things on friday. >> you sound excited about that. >> you guys are getting all the attention. i had to do something. >> the morning commute is looking pretty good. we will check on the roads. 65 miles per hour and 95 from white marsh to the beltway. 11 minutes on the north side. 295 southbound has more volume at 175. northbound traffic looking good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> hi, ray! hi. how are you? ll off a float. >> ray rice survived his fall of the float. he will stop by "live with kelly and michael" this morning. >> he is ok. >> john harbaugh received a special call from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i know baltimore could not be more excited. i want to say congratulations. i know it was a bumpy season. >> thank you. the greatest accomplishments are born from the greatest adversity. our guys proved that. >> we should try to do things easy in smoothes sometimes. >> you are right about that. >> it is never happen to me. it was a great game.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 731 (some duplicates have been removed)

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